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Welcome to p196.org!

The following is a list of things I have wondered about, or wanted to search for specifically, but don't have the ability to search for or write the code. If anyone is looking for a project other than a 196 application, I'd love for you to write an app to look for something here, and send it to me. (Or you can run it, and send me the data.)

Lychrel Numbers and Palindromes

This page grows and shrinks as my ideas change and thoughts move in and out of my head or people write the apps I'm looking for. Thanks to everyone who has helped over the years, and if there is something here that is interesting to you as a programmer, please... Jump in.

**Over the years, I have added things here that people have taken upon themselves to write applications for such as thread checkers of programs to make an image out of the seemingly random noise of the data set files. At the moment, there is nothing here that I am looking for. I would like to thank everyone who has ever read this particular page and contributed to the knwoeldge of the group, or just my curiosity.


** As suggested by Pierre-Andre Laurent, I wish someone would create a vaccine to this 196 addiction!! ;-)