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Welcome to p196.org!

I needed some place to easily list and access a lot of the files that I have, and that others might want. As a result, this page came into being...

Lychrel Lists

Here are the Lychrel files. They are saved using the special compression application application Ben Despres created, THEN they are also compressed further using WinZip. You must download Ben's decompression app to be able to read these files. And I must warn you. When they are decompressed, some of them are huge! I have given the download size, and the fully expanded size. Extract at your own risk. :-) Note, these are only the Seed numbers. there are no Kin numbers on these lists.

HERE is Ben's decompression app.

1. Download the file.
2. Extract using WinZip.
3.Decompress using lycompr.exe

lycompr.exe usage from a Windows command prompt is as follows: lycompr d [file to decompress] [new file name]

If you want to compress it back up for some reason, use: lycompr a [file to compress] [new file name]

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me first. If I can't help, I'll send you to Ben. :-)

File Decompressed Size Compressed Size Before Zip Download Size
0-8 digits 174kb 5kb 4kb
9 Digits Only 826kb 31kb 22kb
10 Digits Only 756kb 32kb 22kb
11 Digits Only 10,970kb 417kb 279kb
12 Digits Only 17,321kb 431kb 293kb
Contact me for
the 13 Digits file
217,371kb 5,168kb 3,304kb
Contact me for
the 14 Digits file
217,557kb 5,576kb 3,694kb

Just to give you and idea of how efficient Ben's compressor application is, the 14 digits compressed with WinZip only is a file size of 24,314kb!!

Barone Sequences

Here are the Barone Sequences of the form L, L+1, L+2, L+3, ..., L+n. These files are looking only at Seed numbers. There are no Kins in the lists.

8 Digits Long
9 Digits Long
10 Digits Long
11 Digits Long

Here are the Barone Sequences of the form L, L+n, L+2n, L+3n, ..., L+Nn. These files are looking only at Seed numbers. There are no Kins in the lists. The text files may seem kind of cut up at first, but it should be easy to understand after a few seconds. The L+X should be self explanatory... It is the number that is separates the numbers of the sequence. The line "************* New Base Number *************" indicates a new Lychrel number to start a new sequence. There are quite a few lines where there was not a sequence for a given Lychrel. As a result, you will see something like this:

************* New Base Number *************
************* New Base Number *************
************* New Base Number *************

If you don't understand how it is formatted, write me, and I'll try to explain it better.

8 Digits Long
9 Digits Long
10 Digits Long


Here is the file from Jason Kruppa concerning the carries involved in numbers that form a palindrome after a single iteration:

Kruppa Paper

Palindrome Delays

Here are the Delays for EVERY number in the different digit lengths. This list includes the palindrome forming numbers, and all Lychrel numbers. The first column of the file is the number under test. The second column is the number of iterations required to become a palindrome. These numbers were run to 125 iterations. If it did not become a palindrome in 125 iterations or less, the application marked the number as "infinite". All that are marked "infinite" are Lychrel numbers. Jason's work proves this.

File Decompressed Size Before WinZip Download Size
1 and 2 digits 1kb 1kb
3 digits 7kb 3kb
4 digits 73kb 24kb
5 digits 841kb 239kb
Contact me for the 6 digits file 9,657kb 2,308kb
Contact me for the 7 digits file 111,030kb 25,761kb
Contact me for the 8 digits file 1,252,722kb 261,339kb

First and Last Digits

Here are the files for the first and last digits of all the iterations between 0 and 2,415,386. These were generated with Vaughn's app which allowed me to look at LOTS of iterations, without saving the entire file. You can only imagine how much disk space it saved to only save the first and last few digits. These are only the Seed numbers. There are no Kins on the lists.

File Decompressed Size Before WinZip Download Size
First and Last 1 9,437kb 323kb
First and Last 2 14,156kb 514kb

Note for the file for the first and last 2: The numbers 196 and 887 show up as 1996 and 8887 This makes sense when you stop and think about it for a second, since the app is looking at the first 2 digits, then going to the end and saving the last 2. But is kind of confusing at first.....