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196 Specific Links:

John Walker's Original Three Years of Computing.

Tim Irvin / Larry Simkins About Two Months of Computing.

Jason Doucette's World Records

Istvan Bozsik's The Palindrome 196 Problem

Ben Despres has set up this page for anyone interested in sharing or reading 196 program source code. There is a local mirror HERE

I had asked Eric Goldstein for the address to his own site, and he provided me with this. It is a commercial site that has nothing to do with the 196 or Lychrel search, but the software he has given me is a perfect example of the type of work his company can provide. I give him the highest compliments for his work. After all.... He wrote the fastest 196 app for many, many iterations!! He has listened to all of my requests and implemented them quickly. Maybe his company can do something for you.

Hey it's my site... If I want to promote his business, I have that option... :-) Besides, after all the Eric has done for me, linking to his company is trivial!! Go check it out.

One of the best resources that I've ever found for palindromes of all types is this amazing site by Patrick De Geest of Belgium

I also really like the info on this page by Juergen Koeller. Numeric Palindromes.

And this Page is really nice for more info.

Most of the information on Mathews: The Archive of Recreational Mathmatics by Walter Schneider, is over my head, but it was nice to stumble upon the page while looking for something else, and seeing a lot of familiar names and links.

As a person, please disregard the following 2 links. They are pieces of an experiment I am toying with on web spiders and there is very little of interest to the avaerage person.