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Welcome to p196.org!

I could use your help.

For the majority of its life this site has been available only in English, but the time for that to change has come! As you know from the Where Were You page, I do get traffic to the site from all over the world. And scattered through the email that I get as a result of that traffic, I occasionally get letters from teachers or schoolchildren.

And that is enough reason to translate the site to other languages. If some student is interested in math to the point that they are reading this site, then I want to encourage that all I can. With that in mind, I don't want them struggling with English AND math at the same time if English is not their natural language! I want it to be easy for them!

So, bit by bit, I have been adding new copies of the pages into other languages and it has been a pleasant challenge. The challenge comes in, because I do not speak German or Italian. and I certainly don't understand even the structure of Hindi! I have been using the Google Translate tool, and copying and pasting the translations back into my pages.

A huge part of the problem comes when I begin correcting the html tags that get destroyed by the translator. I don't know the words well enough to be able to ensure that they are being tagged properly or that the pages still flow properly. It's a poor situation.

But that is where you can help!

If you are reading this in any languge other than English, or if you can write in other languages, I'd love your help translating the pages. If you see pages or paragraphs or sections of the site that could be re-written to be more understandable, and you have the time to do it, please go ahead and make the translations, and send them to me. Even if it's only the text formatted in a txt file. I'll put the tags back in based on your paragraph breaks.

And if you have time and interest, to get the site into ANY language that is not already here, again, please let me know and then begin when you can. If we could get the site into the top dozen most common languages in the world, think of all the extra children we could influence! It would be a great thing.

And of course, as with everything else, that is not my own work, you'll get full credit on the site for your work.